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Arjan Vk
- Programming


Laura Vk
- Art 
- Level Design


Ran Schonewille
- Music 
- Sound Design 
- Foley 

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VividReality is an independent game studio from Utrecht in the Netherlands. We develop games for the broadest amount of platforms as possible. 
Most of our games are made in the LÖVE framework, which means that our games are platform agnostic! Play it on Windows, Linux, or OS/X!
Q: When will you be releasing the next game? 
A: We mostly make games for game jams such as the Ludum Dare. We also enjoy collaborating with other creators.

Q: I want to collab with you!
A: You can join the Discord server and tell us about your idea!

Q: I have a feature I want to see in a game! 
A: Great! Please join the Discord server and tell us there! 

Q: What is 
A: is a website where independent game developers like us can upload and share our games. 

Q: What is a .love file and how do I run it? 
A: LÖVE is a game engine we use a lot, so a love file is the game itself!  
Please download and install LÖVE from 
You can find .exe files of most of our games on